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Figurative Stained glass


Figurative stained glass is my specialty.
Figurative is the right word, because human figures are at the heart of it all.
I’ve created over a hundred figurative stained-glass windows since setting up my studio,
the most beautiful of which are those I’ve made on the theme of the Virgin and Child.

The Addis Ababa chapel

The Chapel of St. John contains all three styles of stained glass, but the 7 antique glass windows are the most elaborate and remarkable.

Une aperçu du vitrail du Puy-en-Velay

various themes

All my best figurative work, apart from the Madonna and Child windows, of course. Stained glass windows composed on a variety of themes.

Madonna and Child

This major art theme has already been used 6 times since 2018, and I feel I have nothing more beautiful to show than these stained glass windows of the Virgin and Child.

Stained glass windows of the Virgin and Child

The Virgin of Saint Hilaire

The Virgin of Addis-Abeba

The Mekong Children’s Virgin

The sign’s virgin

The Virgin of Laurière

The Venetian Madonna

stained glass windows on a variety of themes

The glass icon

The chapel
Saint Scholastica

Stained glass window of St. John the Baptist

The sacred heart

Saint Joseph of the Carpenters

The stained glass window at Le Puy-en-Velay

Holy Family

Stained glass window PUBLICATION in progress