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Geometric stained glass


Médaillon de la rosace du Carmel

The chapel of Saint-Jean-de-la-Croix

The stained glass windows in the chapel of Saint-Jean-de-la-Croix are entirely designed to blend into the background, so as not to draw attention to themselves with overly figurative elements.

Rosace de la chapelle d'Andecy

The chapel at Andecy

The stained glass windows in the Andecy chapel were created as a reminder of the Cistercian foundations of the Notre-Dame de Vive-Fontaine abbey in Andecy.

Addis Ababa's sandblasted windows

Addis Ababa's sandblasted stained-glass windows have followed the Ethiopian culture's taste for geometry, and interlacing patterns have passed from stone to glass.

The glazing

There are many different styles of stained glass, from the simplest to the most elaborate.